Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 9

Sophia's imagination is truly extraordinary! She lives a very protected life and sometimes I worry it borders on isolated. I try to make something new every day that is fun and engaging and provides her with lot's of exercise.  This morning I brought back breakfast and ballet. She climbed onto the counter, selected a music selection from the ipod, and started her beautiful performance. There's a song by Marie Digby called "Miss Invisible" and that is my 3 year old's favorite song! She really thrives at imagination and creativity especially when there's emotion. As I egged her on to do dance moves I had taught her, she pleaded for me to "leave the stage" because she "deserved a turn to make up dances too". I thought about that for some time and, after pondering how the heck she knows what deserve means,  got an overwhelming sense of hope. Sophia is such a strong willed and assertive individual.  I know that will be a very favorable attribute in her life. The struggles that lie in front of her dealing with a life threatening food allergy seem endless. I know my little girl will make her points heard, and will notify people when she deserves a turn! I'm so proud to be her Mama.

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