Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 8

I'm obsessed with a book I just received called "Go Dairy Free". Among the scrumptious recipes, insight to shopping milk-free, and calcium absorption and getting enough, it has so much dedicated research on the health benefits of living a milk-free lifestyles.
We've decided to take this food allergy on as a family unit and, so therefore, we all live a milk-free lifestyle in our home. Why risk a danger to one of our members? I call us "Meagan's"because we are meat-eating-vegans. Because of this lifestyle change, we have come across a lot of research linked to pesticides and their harmful affects causing disease, food allergy, and cancers which have ultimately shifted our thoughts about milk from a "have to go without" to a "want to go without" mentality.  Having milk around our child is "reckless". We have a "No Milk Allowed" sign at our front door so I get comments on a regular basis regarding it. The most popular thing I hear is "how do you all go without milk, cheese, and butter". It really is easy if you're not eating out or buying processed food, which is best for us anyway right? The hardest thing we face is social events for the kids. Pizza, ice cream, and birthday cakes are the hardest (socially speaking) because it means our children can't partake in fun events with their friends. Sadly, there are so many delicious alternatives to these options that aren't explored by the general public because it doesn't pertain to them, or so they think.
I saw a commercial this morning for a Feed the Poor type of organization. They advertised a plan that, for $25 a month,  you could "save a life"! It dawned on me that for free you could help save my daughter's and all children with food allergies. All it would take is some morally just actions. I'm not saying to not feed the poor, because I do think that giving unto others is our moral responsibility. I'm simply saying that it takes very little effort to pop a $25 check in the mail. It takes a real effort to simply be conscientious about what you're eating and exposing children with life threatening food allergies to. We as a society have the power to do and change anything. Think about that.

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