Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 12

I cannot relate to parents who are spontaneous! There are so many things on my checklist before leaving the house that I cannot imagine hopping in the car and seeing where the day takes us. I'm pretty sure I was that person before being a parent, but really who can remember. I run a tight ship with a plan and a detailed curriculum for every outing now a days.

For the past two days we have been doing some remodeling in our home. Because of this, I've needed to get the children away from the dangers and out of our normal "protected" environment. I've tried to keep things outdoor in an open aired environment, but there is always room for error out of my control. Control is something I clench to these days. Controlling our surroundings and the environments we put our daughter into are the "only" things that have prevented allergic reactions and worked for us. Relocating our lifestyle for even a day is a crippling task. It is so easy to get overwhelmed-- but we made it! As a family we choose not to focus on what makes us different-- instead the similarities we all share.

It is not my intention to write this blog to vent frustrations or bash other people's ignorance to life threatening food allergies. It is simply to educate a lifestyle conducive to food allergies and the lives affected by them. To wrap your brain around another perspective if only for a paragraph or two (for a little enlightenment). Sometimes just seeing another person's reality can change everything but I'll settle for a change in anything.

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