Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 2

Sophia likes to dress herself each morning as a princess and usually with a dress (pink of course)! On days we have an outing planned, she has to wear leggings (regardless of temperature)to protect her legs from a contact reaction. Her legs are very sensitive to blister looking hives and usually swell so much that her skin physically hurts. So it has become a mandatory rule that pants (or leggings) are required under her dresses. This is much to her dismay, but now at age 3 she understands cause and effect. 

Today was an outing to her dentist for a cleaning. I was very cautious when we walked into the office and there were 3 other children running around the toys area.  One child had a bottle of milk (I must assume it's dairy) and cheddar goldfish sitting at the toy box playing with and touching everything. I immediately spoke to the receptionist, knowing Sophia was going to want to play and I was going to have to say no. They understood and took Sophia straight back and began her visit. I was so impressed and reassured that this could be a safe visit for her. They had allergen free polish and fluoride in a special drawer for her cleaning. I didn't even know it usually contains casein protein, but they did and that really made my day. I'm so used to having to have all of the answers so it's wonderful when someone thinks of something for her in addition. I also learned that Novocain and IV sedatives contain casein as well. Luckily her teeth are in excellent condition. I really hope there are some allergen free options for Novocain if she ever needs it in the future.

It turned out to be a great experience for her and a reassuring one for Mommy. Today gave me hope that people are taking notice to severe milk protein allergy and acknowledging the changes needed to protect the lives of the many living with it. 

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