Friday, January 4, 2013

29, 30, 31

I love rainy days when staying at home has a reason other than recuperating from an allergic reaction or preventing one. Our lifestyle and perspectives are developed with food allergy safety being our first criteria. This is something we have honed in on and it is the greatest difference we have with everyone we know. It's a constant level of decision making that goes beyond general parenting. It's similar decisions that need reevaluation over and over again. We've had family in town and have managed to pull together to have fun and create safe environments while doing it. When people come together to help focus on similarities and not dwell on the differences, life is always beautiful. We are so blessed to have a family dedicated to making the efforts and loving us all through the gray areas. The biggest things we require are patience, understanding that our hearts are in the right place, and effort. We aren't on this journey alone because we all share the same world. We're truly grateful when ANYONE else sees that too. 

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