Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 32, 33,34

As I write these posts I think "why would anybody care to hear a daily account of our little life and how a food allergy controls it". I realize that it may not be that interesting to everyone, but I'm reminded of why I started this blog. I want to share our challenges, show our perseverance, and remind myself every day that my faith in everything important to me is huge.

After being told that Sophia will not outgrow her allergy, but will continue to grow in severity, I am no longer holding onto the concept of a cure. Instead, I have faith that Sophia will learn how to manage the complexity of her condition and persevere through her life stronger for having gone through all of this. This is a much more realistic and obtainable goal. I have faith that people will understand that the safety of my child often means missing out on moments with their child, or them individually. Because the nature of Sophia's food allergy is so unknown and the knowledge underdeveloped, I will always tell everyone everything I know. A life threatening food allergy affects the lives of everyone. It isn't just about meals and snacks. It's about building relationships and maintaining them even when they require a BIG effort and a lot of work. It's about small children who don't understand why they are different and left out of everything. It's about trying to get enough of all the nutrition needed when you're allergic to so much. It's about deciphering an emotional response to an allergic reaction or just plain 3-year-old whining. It is so multidimensional and that is why I see that a daily account is needed. Thank you to everyone who read my first month and decided to click "join this site"and follow me daily. Your comments are always welcome too. This journey has just begun and I appreciate the people who lend an ear and an open mind to learning about life with a severe food allergy. For 3 years I've heard people tell me what I can't expect and make excuses for common ignorance. This is my attempt to change that. I may only change one person's perspective but that is more than I was told I could.

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