Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 13 &14

Getting it right is not a feeling I contend with often. Parenting a child with a life threatening food allergy really requires a constant balance between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. After a  morning jam packed full of games and preschool (homeschooling) we needed to burn off some energy. With leggings, sneakers and long sleeves (even though it was in the 80's) we trooped over to the park before all of the kids got out of school and bombarded it with milk allergens. Despite my best attempts to wipe down the equipment, and her hands constantly to protect her, she still had an allergic reaction. This one was new and different from all of the others.

With this allergic reaction, for the first time, she complained that her throat hurt. I think I know what happened though. She saw a plastic Mickey Mouse ring in the grass and she picked it up. I immediately saw (Thank God) and told her to drop it because she can't touch things without asking Mommy. Before she could walk to me-- she had touched her face. I immediately wiped her hands, and face with a wet-one but it was already absorbed into her skin and swelling her face. I'm literally talking about 1 minute. She started to cry and told me then that her throat hurt. Later when the allergic reaction had subsided out of the "scary" phase, I talked to a neighbor who told me that the cupcakes at our local grocery store have Mickey Mouse rings on top. There must had been a heavy concentration of a milk protein residue on the ring. There are so many things in life that we can turn into a learning experience and, for Sophia, this reiterated to herself why she cannot randomly touch things.

On the following day, the next day mild reactions flared up throughout the day so we stayed home.  It usually takes 2-3 days after an allergen exposure to eliminate any allergic responses, and often with repeated Benedryl. We spent the day doing some mild landscaping and clean up around our yard which turned out to be a safe and fun activity for all. The beautiful things about kids is the way that they start every day a new with hopes and innate happiness, and don't seem to become hardened by challenges and negativity like adults do. I learn so much every day from my three-year-old by witnessing her strength and open heart in all circumstances. I know I try my best to get it right, but even when I don't I still have a little cheerleader that loves me unconditionally and there is STRENGTH to be found in that.

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