Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 1 on the journey

Day 1

I managed to get away to the grocery store alone today. What a beautiful thing. I might as well had been at a spa it was so relaxing. Not having to juggle the demands of two toddlers, negotiating for good behavior, and spending extended time wiping down the cart with disinfecting wipes without missing the spot that will end up having a morsel of microscopic milk protein, and inevitably cause a major allergic reaction! Yes it's amazing to just be able to shop and thoroughly read ingredients.

Although Sophia never went anywhere outside of our yard today, she did play with her friends in the neighborhood and ended up having a mild contact reaction on her face and neck. After taking her home and washing her up, the allergy faded then returned after dinner really concentrated around her right eye. It later subsided and appears to be gone at this point.  I put so much emphasis avoiding milk proteins in her diet because I can control that, but it's really hard to control the lingering left over milk protein everywhere.

All-in-all I am grateful that today she is healthy and happy and safe in her bed. Today was a good day.

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