Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 3

Today we met friends at a tiny park. We chose this location because it is usually bare of vistors, and therefore, I would feel comfortable managing the contacts with WetOnes. The constant worry of any fresh, concentrated proteins from kids eating at the park and using the equipment can be overwhelming enough to not take her to parks at all--but how awful is that for a kid? I got there and surveyed the area only to find an empty muffin bag, chocolate wrapper, a Chick fila wrapping and a bag of buttered popcorn. This is pretty bad, but it's still worse when there are people eating it next to her. I'm thankful we had a fun outing with no real damage control today! I would love to see parks food free with a picnic area set apart from the play equipment. It wouldn't be a perfect solution but it would help...

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